Thursday, January 3, 2013

Couture and Contraditions...

Ok, can someone explain these to me?

The first is something/one I noticed while out shopping at a fairly popular, high fashion shop.  What confused me is, and don't get me wrong I support everyone's ability to portray whomever/whatever they choose and that includes the religious beliefs of all!  - BUT - and this is NOT a contradiction on my support whatsoever, I just am a little confused as to why someone wearing a full burkah (and a damned nice one too, I'll admit) would be out shopping for fashion. Ok, ok, I know I'm going to get flack for this I just think it screams internal conflict.

This next one just screams: "GO BACK TO BED HUNNY!"

If you're going to troll a popular, members only, exclusive club that has a set dress code the least you could do is to "TRY!"  Apparently this avi has had a really rough night. I don't think there's enough beauty sleep in all of time to help this poor waif out.

Can we say "SKIN MATCHING 101?"

Welcome - Time to get your Big Girl Panties on...

Just a little warning, this blog is NOT for the faint of heart or those with thin skins.

I've been around SL a while and I've seen my share of "WTH?"s ad infinitum. 
Everything from bad skin to old shapes, mismatched outfits and the assortment of "ruth-ings." Now with mesh the fun gets even weirder. 
Most of my pics are from my shopping trips, some are from favorite hang-outs or where ever.  To be fair I will NOT be saying where I saw these maladies simply because I happen to like going to these places, a lot in fact.  Of course I also will not post the names of the avi's in question out of respect for privacy or to avoid embarrassment. I will do my best to blur identifying faces and backgrounds, again, for the reasons I've already stated.    
Please, also, if you happen to recognize yourself or someone you know, be respectful as I am attempting to do the same, and do NOT post the avatar's name.
I recognize that not all "bad avi's"
 1) Realize their avi's really are as bad as they appear,
 2) Even care.

Onto The First of many. 

This first pick I've entitled:  "Man of Steel"
Simply put if a man is wearing more metal than a steel mill its a good bet he rattles when he walks!
The irony of this was he actually attempted to pick me up. When I laid into him about his over abundance of steel and jewelery he actually tried to tell me I needed to "lower [my] boundaries."
I immediately let him know it wasn't my boundaries that would need lowering!