Thursday, January 3, 2013

Couture and Contraditions...

Ok, can someone explain these to me?

The first is something/one I noticed while out shopping at a fairly popular, high fashion shop.  What confused me is, and don't get me wrong I support everyone's ability to portray whomever/whatever they choose and that includes the religious beliefs of all!  - BUT - and this is NOT a contradiction on my support whatsoever, I just am a little confused as to why someone wearing a full burkah (and a damned nice one too, I'll admit) would be out shopping for fashion. Ok, ok, I know I'm going to get flack for this I just think it screams internal conflict.

This next one just screams: "GO BACK TO BED HUNNY!"

If you're going to troll a popular, members only, exclusive club that has a set dress code the least you could do is to "TRY!"  Apparently this avi has had a really rough night. I don't think there's enough beauty sleep in all of time to help this poor waif out.

Can we say "SKIN MATCHING 101?"

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